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O U R  S T O R Y

Founded in 2008, Merola Construction Inc. was the vision of Raffael and Roberto Merola – brothers who have a mutual passion for carpentry, construction, and the building trade.  Like the family bond that is the cornerstone of our business, we are entrenched in a set of core values that put collaboration, commitment to quality, and integrity to our craft above all else.  We have built our company to be fast, adaptable and transparent; ready to take on the ever-changing construction market.  We are small enough to impart a personal and positive impact on each of our projects and clients yet big enough to run on process, system, and schedule. 


Our team is imperative to our success. We are diverse in skill set, opinion and knowledge and united in a shared desire to create great spaces.  Our team’s passion for building long-lasting relationships, alongside our wealth of industry experience has helped us to cultivate a network of strong relationships with craftsmen, trades, and vendors. We trust and rely on this network to provide excellent service for our clients and professional partners.


Merola Construction Inc. is a construction company driven by strong process, organization and a propensity to plan every conceivable detail.  Our position is that the hard work is done in pre-construction and that the actual work in the field is simply the execution of a well laid plan.  We appreciate, understand, and look for the details – whether it be a small business’s brand, the importance of preserving a small heritage element, or understanding the overarching vision of a design professional.  We do everything we can to fulfill our role in a project, we use old fashioned elbow grease, hard work, craftsmanship, creativity and determination to deliver for our clients.

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